You probably get this a lot but I wanted to say thanks and provide a little feedback.  I’m certainly a cycling amateur but I had my old bike professionally fit and it is VERY different than your fitting.  I was in Mallorca 2 weeks ago and just had the best week on a bike ever.  I used to really get hamstring cramping and 50 miles felt like a very long ride to me.  I’m now doing way more miles and the hamstring issues have disappeared.This really sank in today when I went to adjust my old bike to your fitting and realized how different that fitting was. Anyway, many thanks.  Clearly some of the smartest money I’ve ever spent. Cheers, Cory

Jonas Koch

CCC Pro Continental Cycling Team

Hi Lloyd,
I wanted to give you a short feedback.  The position fits perfectly and the soles are really outstanding. I'm very satisfied. 😉
Thanks a lot,