Dynamic Bike Fit and finding the right balance

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There are many ways to go about bike fitting and if you found us, you are likely interested in improving your comfort or performance on your current bike or you are looking to get on a new bike. You have researched many different bike fit systems or bike fit calculators that are available to set up your bike. What most people don’t understand or realize is that the formulas that are derived from your body measurements can be used as relatively safe starting points but these points may just be the start of getting you into your sweet spot in the bike fit. At the extreme of the theoretical formulas, you may be in completely the wrong spot for your starting fit.

A dynamic bike fit can not be done by yourself… you need objectivity to have a fresh view of your position and from there, you really need a trained eye to look at the small subtle motion of your pedal style. Other needs are that a dynamic fit to be done right needs to occur under load. The load or power level can really have an effect on where you sit on the bike and can also affect your position. This section can be very detailed on its own but this gives you a good overview.

Knowing how a change made in one area affects other areas of your bike fit is also a big consideration. An experienced bike fitter that not only knows how the body is ‘supposed to work’ but also a fitter with a specific background in the sport can be of huge benefit to you. Don’t settle for less.

Better Bike Fit Services with the Right Bike Fit Tools

Video capture or 3D motion capture or goniometer? All these tools have their place somewhere in the bike fitters toolbox. How to use the tools and when is the important part. 3D motion capture with a system like the MotionLogic 3D Bike Fit system gives you the best and most consistent results. There is no other more precise way, we know this because we also built it! The MotionLogic 3D Bike Fit system averages data that is captured in real-time on both sides of the body. MotionLogic 3D measures and generates hundreds of real-time measurements of various angles as min/max, averages, and ranges per second. You can not get that from a 2D video bike fit system. You can get better bike fit services!

Integrated Video Analyzing Bike Fit Posture

Video usage is great for posture analysis and does have a small place in that you can nicely show before/after of clients which is super and helps you with demonstration and explain posture on the bike. This is great for this, you just cannot measure quickly and get the data that you need and it is very subjective to where you are recording the angles from.

Goniometer…well, it’s great to know how to use one, but for the most part, it should be left for use in the assessment area and not for the bike fit. You just can’t get close enough and you really start going down the static measurement path where you lose accuracy in what you are trying to measure.

Hope this helps your quest for knowledge about our bike fit services! Please don’t hesitate in reaching us if you have further questions and if you aren’t close to us and you’re looking for a fitter. Just ask and we’ll point you to quality fitters in your area…keeping in mind that people travel to see us from all over the world 🙂 We even pick you up at the airport if you like 🙂

Happy pedalling!